Where rotary speed needs to be converted into linear output voltage, we are there. When it must happen repeatedly, reliably, and in rugged conditions, we excel. Find out more about where you’ll find us in the sea, on land, and in the air.

ServoTek DC tachometers are used in a variety of automotive testing applications, including braking and acceleration performance testing. They are also popular choices for gear reduction testing. Their standard SAE mounting design configuration is ideal for direct replacement of legacy models, with the added benefit of long service life. ServoTek DC tachometers also measure speed of boom movement on industrial utility vehicles, military and armored vehicles, and heavy trucks.
ServoTek is an AS9100 and ISO9001 supplier of DC tachometers for the aerospace industry and commercial aviation applications. ServoTek tachometers meet specific performance objectives in extreme temperatures, environments, and pressures inherent to high-altitude applications. They are found in braking and landing systems of major aerospace OEMs. They measure airplane engine speed and wheel landing speeds electrically. Reliable measurements are obtained by using the rotational speed of an armature inside a magnetic field to create a voltage proportional to the RPM. The voltage is then read by an RPM indicator or computer to control braking action of the aircraft. The inherent characteristics of tachometers are fast response and accuracy over a range of speeds. This makes our aerospace DC tachometers ideal for use in torque, positioning, and controlled speed systems.
Choose ServoTek tachometers and encoders to control, monitor, and support processes in industrial environments. Control speed and flow of assembly lines and other conveyor applications for peak efficiency. Control drilling operations in a clean environment. For rugged industrial applications, Westcon products offer superior performance.
When you need to control lifting and other phases of process industries, ServoTek encoders and tachometers accurately adjust speed and control vertical or horizontal motion. Several models are programmable to slow down and ease processes, such as elevators, to a stop. For similar control in rugged environments such as steel mills and other heavy industrial applications, choose Westcon Tachometers and their heavy-duty construction.
For a variety of seaworthy vessels from military ship to pleasure boat, you’ll find Westcon tachometers inside. For measuring and regulating speed and other critical shipboard functions, Westcon has been a trusted brand for decades. Industry attractive features include heavy-duty housings, tighter seals to help protect against water ingress, multiple mounting options, and 2.0 oz-in starting torque.
Vibration and dust are inherent to mining environments, and Westcon tachometers were made to stand up to these conditions. Keep conveyors running smoothly, with RPMs of 2000 to 5000 well within specified ranges. With Westcon products made to thrive here, imagine how well they do in other heavy industrial applications.
As an industry that places a premium on accuracy and safety, the oil and gas industry requires reliable Westcon tachometers that meet exacting standards. Advanced sensing technology stands up to shock and vibration and maintains a reliable output signal. Control the pressure, flow, and power in the refinery and throughout production. Find Westcon tachometers in drills, top drives, rotary tables, pumps, pipe handling, production equipment, and more.
ServoTek tachometers and encoders are engineered with the precision demanded in the positional programming that makes robotic functions and other automated processes run smoothly. ServoTek products are rapid, reliable, and repeatable for exacting performance throughout the life cycle.