Westcon Products

AC/DC tachometers and generators from the Westcon line are highly rugged and widely used in demanding velocity measurement environments, small power requirements, and other applications related to motion control.

750 Series DC Tachometer Generator

The Model 750 DC Tachometer Generator embodies a permanent magnet field surrounding a rotating armature. The commutator segments are made from a special non-corrosive alloy which has an exceptionally long life. The brushes are of a self-lubricating material and are carried in a self-aligning holder which equalizes the pressure of both brushes. The armature shaft rotates on ball bearings which under normal operation do not need lubrication for 15,000 hours running time or approximately 3 years, whichever comes first. Maximum recommended speed is 5,000 rpm. Brush life is greatest at the lower speeds. Rigid, die-cast, dust-proof aluminum housing and mounting base. 3/8″ diameter shaft extension for direct coupling drive, pulley, spur gear, or chain and sprocket. Two binding posts for electrical connection.

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758 Series AC Tachometer Generator

The 758 Series of tachometers all use a multi-pole cylindrical magnet turning in a wound stator constructed from quality transformer iron lamination. Single phase output current is a sine wave over the speed range of the tachometer. These units have 100 ohm stators and are intended for voltage responsive systems. When greater accuracy is required, use a tachometer having a 32 ohm stator (designation F in the type number) and a frequency responsive indicating system. For speeds over 5,000 rpm, use the bearingless AC generators.

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758-GF86/XF86 Series Bearingless AC Generators

758-GF86/XF86 Series Bearingless AC Generators the most basic form, consisting only of a stator and a permanent magnet rotor which mounts on a rotating shaft in the customer’s equipment. Designed primarily for use by OEM’s, these extremely rugged and dependable generators have no bearings or brushes and therefore, require absolutely no maintenance. They may be installed in inaccessible areas, such as gear boxes, which permit the saving of space and the reduction of costs. “Potted” Models are designed with the letter “P” in the type number.

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Binding Post Conduit Box Model 750

Provides protection for the terminals, and has a ½ NPT connection for conduit. For 750 models.

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Binding Post Conduit Box Model 758

Provides protection for terminals, and has a ½ NPT connection for conduit. For 758 models.

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Replacement Brush Kit

Metallic leaf brushes are of an alloy which will wear before the commutator bars . Brush replacement is a simple field operation.

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